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Meet the Dhimmi leaders of the Christians in Lebanon

Have you ever wondered how a Dhimmi leader can look like?
Well, nowadays it is very easy to see such characters in Lebanon.
I will make a list of 10 such figures.

Of course they are more but let’s stop at 10. I place them with the less Dhimmi in the beginning and the worse ones in the end.

Nr. 10: Samir Geagea
For not being able to find a path for the Lebanese Forces but always follow his allies.
We are still waiting for the Geagea we read about to come back.

Nr. 9: Sleimen Franjiye
For supporting the Arab Syrian regime and for making the honourable Marada movement to an Arabic organization.

Nr. 8: Christian leaders on Jumblat election list
For following a leader that only think and act for the best of his Muslim Druze sect.

Nr. 7: Christian leaders on election Hariri list
For following an ultra Arabism movement that is doing everything to Arabise Lebanon.

Nr. 6: Christian leaders on Baath and other Arabism election list.
At least the ones with Hariri Future movement are getting money, those are paying money.

Nr. 5: Michel Murr and Issam Fares
For putting their hands over the Greek Orthodox political scene and not allowing any others to step up.

Nr. 4: Michel Sleimen
For being a General of the entire Army but whenever there is a danger for his Christian people the Military stand aside and watch how the Christians get unfair treated.

Nr. 3: Christian leaders on Hizbullah election list.
For choosing a Parliament seat on earth instead of the eternity life in heaven away from all kind of terrorists.

Nr. 2: Michel Aoun
For fooling the Lebanese Christian society into being friend with terrorists and fighting their own brothers and sisters. (Is that what they call ta3eyoush?)

Nr. 1: Emile Lahoud
The biggest Dhimmi leader in Lebanon today is with no doubts, Mr President of the republic,
Emile Lahoud.
For making 100 % wrong actions since at least 20 years.
Supporting the Arab Syrian occupation of his people, supporting the Arab Palestinian hand of his people. Supporting the Iranian Hizbullah party to keep threat his people.

Shame on you all,
We are lucky that most of the young Lebanese Christians are free people with own minds. It is on those minds the Aramaic Democratic Organization is building its hopes.

Roni Harb, 10 juni 2006

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